Apartment Life is a faith-based, non-profit organization that is motivated by the belief that every individual is created for community. Apartment Life sends CARES Teams to live onsite in apartment communities and live out God's calling to love their neighbors through practical, intentional, and everyday ways.

By living onsite, our CARES Teams are there to welcome a new neighbor and give them the scoop on the neighborhood. By hosting events, our CARES Teams are the kinds of people who "know everybody" and help neighbors make new friends. By showing support during hard times, our CARES Teams are the people to call when life gets hard and neighbors need someone to listen.

In a world of virtual "friends" and drive-through conversations, our CARES Teams are there to show God's love to apartment residents in real, tangible ways.

When we love God and love our neighbors, we are living the way Jesus intends for us.
— The Art of Neighboring

Contact: John Leslie or visit apartmentlife.org for more details.