Nurses Christian Fellowship

We are a ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. NCF’s mission statement is “Engaging students and nurses with the good news of Jesus Christ to bring God’s love and healing to nursing and healthcare.” The vision statement of NCF at the University of South Florida is to provide a place to learn and grow with nursing student’s at USF by serving with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. NCF is a professional organization and a ministry of and for nurses and nursing students.
NCF provides Christ-centered resources and programs that equip nurses and students for ministry in nursing - including spiritual care, ethics and a Christian perspective on nursing issues. We provide a weekly bible study with a focus on how to bring together nursing and our faith, monthly gatherings for fellowship and evangelism, as well as monthly prayer meetings. The Journal of Christian Nursing is a wonderful resource because it was designed to help students, nurses, and educators practice from a biblically-based Christian perspective. We have used several articles to initiate discussions about current topics afflicting nursing and healthcare today. Students are able to see in a more tangible way how their faith is affected and connected to their environment within the nursing and healthcare setting.
God is at work in many ways. New students are involved, students are being transformed and challenged to follow Jesus within nursing, and students are learning what it means to be a Christian nurse. One student was asked in a leadership meeting, “What is love?” She replied, “We read this article about an ER nurse practitioner having to stitch up a guys’ face from a car accident. He was driving drunk and killed a little girl. All he cared about was if it was going to leave a scar. In the end she didn’t use the largest thread for the stitches because this man was created in the image of God, and it wasn’t her place to put judgment on him. I was blown away by this person. That’s love, that is Jesus, and I need to love like that.”
Another student at a recent fellowship gathering shared that she was thankful to God for putting a smile back on her face. She was held back this semester and was having a hard time with the adjustment, “I felt very depressed. It was really hard seeing all my friends go off into other classes, and I was stuck by myself, alone.” God is at work, shining His light through the darkness of nursing school and beyond.