Core Conference


Core Conference

Core Conference is our annual gathering of missionaries and microchurches. If you consider yourself a part of the Underground, a friend of the Underground, or just want to learn more about us, this conference is for you! It is a time to be together as a family and to be reminded why we do what we do. It’s a time to cast vision and plan for the new year. It’s a time to be reminded of the Father’s love and to be sent back into the world for his kingdom.


1925 E 2nd Ave
Tampa, FL 33605


During the conference there will be a few opportunities to gather in small groups. Many of you will be coming with your microchurch and plan to meet together during that time, which is great! But if you would like to get acquainted with other microchurches and movement leaders, or if you are coming alone, we would be glad to create a small group for you. You can select this option when you register or email us.


On Saturday night each movement will gather separately for dinner. This time is very crucial for our local Tampa Bay movement because we will be discussing the 2016 budget. If you are a part of the Tampa Bay movement please make plans to attend. All other movements feel free to contact us if you would like our help setting up a meeting space or dinner arrangements.


If you are new to the Underground, visiting from out of town or would like to know more about what we do, we will have a special time set aside just for you at the beginning of Core Conference. We look forward to having you with us for the weekend. For more info, contact us.









6pm - Check-In
7pm - Plenary 1 - Our Father
Speakers - Brad Everett & Lucas Pulley    
9pm - Small Group Meet Up Time


9am - Plenary 2 - Our Inheritance
           Speakers - Lindsey McCall & Chandra Lee
10am - Small Groups
10:45am - Seminar 1
12pm - Lunch
12:30pm-2pm - Coaching Bar
2pm - Plenary 3 - Our Struggle

          Speakers - Deborah Joseph & Jason Thompson
3:15pm - Seminar 2
4:30pm - Small Group Time
5:30pm - Dinner
6pm - Movement Gatherings
           (Tampa Bay in the Main Room)
7:30pm - Plenary 4 - Our Hope
                Speaker - Brian Sanders


10am - Plenary 5 - Our Advocate
          Speakers - Dotti Skipper, Eric Rafferty & Jeremy Stephens
12pm - Close and Commission


Core Conference Seminars

Core Conference Seminars

Block A

Unleashing the Bi-Vocational Missionary - Wil Sekajipo & Julie Wood - ThE Box

We are a network of bivocational ministers with 70% of our movement not receiving pay to do ministry. Yet, often many of us feel held back, divided as we juggle all our responsibilities while seeking the kingdom of God. Come hear some of the secrets to unlocking your bivocational missionary life. 

Trusting God's Love When it Hurts - Keisha Polonio - Classroom

Jesus promised storms will hit all of us but how do we sense God’s love when life happens and pain surrounds us? How do we persevere when we think God has forgotten us? Come learn how to “stay a little while longer” and sing a new song in those dark places of life.

The Margins - Deb Joseph & Jon Dengler - Office classroom

If you were told to go look for Jesus in your city, where would you look? There are many clues in scripture as to where and among whom you might find him. If the incarnation is theologically significant, then so is his explicit identification with the poor, the outcast, and the rejected who live in the margins of society. Come hear stories of encounters with the Jesus that is found there.

Plant a Thriving Microchurch in 5 Months - Anthony Rajski - conference room A

We start microchurches because we are a people marked with a burden for the lost and poor. Often times, we have a hope for our city to be transformed and a desire to see evil combated, but the mystery of knowing how to start something can pause our dreams. The need of our city and the call of God to expand his kingdom compels us to build microchurches. Come respond to God's call and learn how to start a healthy microchurch

Uncluttered: Build a Culture of Simplicity for a Whole Life - Jeremy Stephens - conference room b

Simplicity is the key to bearing much fruit. One master, one thing, one king, one true vine, one faith and yet our lives are crowded with the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth and it chokes us fruitless. How in a modern world can we find our way back to our true love and unclutter every aspect of our lives? Come learn how simplicity shows us the way. 

The Surprising Path to True Financial Freedom - Bob Collins - the loft

An almost infinite amount of financial advice is produced and consumed on a daily basis. Yet almost everyone lacks peace and freedom regarding money: there is never enough, what if I lose my job? Get sick? Not surprisingly, God has given us a way to get from wherever we are today to “true financial peace of mind”. And the way is an unexpected one…

Lead Others Towards the Kingdom Through Storytelling - Josh Haupt - banquet room

Storytelling moves hearts. We see this in movies, around campfires and dinner tables. Stories unify us, captivate us and help us make sense of the surrounding world. But how do we leverage this ancient and powerful tool to lead others to the kingdom? How do we move the gospel from four propositional points to a living story that captivates hearts? Come learn how to tell stories well and leverage them for kingdom transformation.


How did Jesus take 12 average followers with no particularly impressive skills and in three years turn them into a radical community of missionaries that expanded the kingdom of God across the Roman Empire and beyond? Come explore scripture to learn Jesus’ model of missional discipleship for Kingdom expansion.


Hearing God call us to a specific mission that both fits our gifts and passion is not just essential for us as individuals, but also as communities. Finding our own unique call and then in turn helping others to find theirs promises a cascading effect of creativity, innovation and penetration in mission. This seminar will help us think through how to use the process of hearing Gods call to build diverse and empowered movements.

Creating Apostolic Platforms: Helping Your People Start New Ministry - LUCAS PULLEY - LIVING ROOM

This is a seminar for leaders, whether you lead a group of 3 or 3000. God’s redemptive mission in this world is like an ancient, massive, ever-growing tree, and when your ministry isn’t multiplying, you become a dead branch. Every single form of ministry, from a little life group to a massive network, carries the demand of multiplication. Empowerment, equipping, and sending are not things that “the Underground does”, they are things you do. Come learn how to pay attention to and cultivate a launching platform for your people who can’t stop dreaming about the edges of the Kingdom in this world.

Block B

Rediscover the One Thing: Our First Love - Alison Haupt & Melyssa Cordero - OFFICE CLASSROOM

A.W. Tozer said, "To have found God and still to pursue Him is the soul's paradox of Love." As missionaries, How do we live in the tension of actively living out our faith in the world and taking time to retreat in the presence of GOD? What does it look like to pursue our first love as we serve the poor and the lost day in and day out?

The Downward Journey: Servant Leadership in a Celebrity World - Lucas Pulley - THE BOX

Want to lead a house church, or a strategic ministry, or a campus small group, or a global movement, or an entire network, or even just influence a single person? The journey to every form of leadership starts the same way, but it is a first step that most people try to bypass and few ever take. In our day, the downward journey of kingdom leadership has been short circuited by celebrity obsession. Come ready for an invitation from Jesus to the only path to transformational leadership, through the gate of self-forgetfulness.

Sober Truth - George Wood - CLASSROOM

With only 2 out of 10 addicts finding long term sobriety how should we who follow Jesus and work with them on their recovery? Come ready to hear a revolutionary perspective about addiction and the churches role to walk alongside our brothers and sisters. 

Listening to God for Life - Jason Thompson - LIVING ROOM

We have a Father who is good. One who loves His children beyond height and depth. And He is a Father who speaks today just as he did to those who have gone before us as their lives detail in the Scriptures. In Hearing God we will take time to consider how our Father speaks to us today and how with confidence and humility we can practically grow in recognizing His voice for ourselves, for others and as we participate in His mission.

House Church Model: A Flexible Way to Multiplication - Jeremy Stephens - CONFERENCE ROOM A

Sometimes to move forward in mission we need to see a few methods, tools and ideas to get us moving. This training will outline essential microchurch elements in a flexible model while giving space for contextualization. Most house churches will find the material easy to apply and leave equipped with many tools for immediate implementation. 

Expanding Families, Not Colonizing Religion - Taylor McCall - BANQUET ROOM

Jesus desires the whole world to, not just know Him, but His kingdom. Come learn to be sent not as individuals seeking to transfer their brand of Christianity or movement into another culture but as spiritual families who incarnate the kingdom. 

Crash Course in Discipleship - Anthony Rajski - DREAM ROOM

Only 1% of church leaders say the church is doing a good job discipling younger believers. Many of us feel this is true in our own lives but in the vast ocean of material and opinons how do we know what to target, pass on or learn ourselves about discipleship. What are the top key issues and topics essential to every young disciples life? Come learn what every disciple and disciplemaker needs to focus on to see the next generation of disciples firmly grounded. 

#BlackLivesMatter: A Pivotal Lesson for the Western Church - Brad Everett, Evey Sekajipo & Brian Sanders - MAIN AUDITORIUM

The #BlackLivesMatter movement stands at the other end of a historical threshold for the Church. This threshold is our way forward into a deeper reality of the kingdom; the other way is backward or stagnant(which is backward still). Let's learn what this deeper reality is, why it is necessary for the Church to pursue it, and what living in this reality requires

Building a Concrete Faith in the Concrete Jungle - Jon Dengler - THE LOFT

Just as cities began as visions that have been called into concrete being, our faith, values, and longing for justice demand to be actualized in concrete existence. This seminar will deal with the realities in which we find ourselves and the demands implied by our urbanized existence. Our aim will be to make abstract longings as concrete as is the Word made flesh.

APEST: Understanding Your Role in Your Microchurch and God’s Mission - Bill Couchenour - CONFERENCE ROOM B

In Ephesians 4, Jesus gives us a blueprint for growing and multiplying healthy micro churches. Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds and Teachers – all equally important to fulfilling God’s mission. In this workshop you’ll gain insight into the role God has wired you for and how that relates to the other roles in the church.




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