Crucible (literally meaning a place that causes people to change or make difficult decisions) is our weekly conference where anyone from our network of microchurches can gather as a family of missionaries, be empowered by the Father’s love and be sent back into the world for His kingdom. All visitors are welcome and we hope to get you connected to one of the microchurches in our network. If you're visiting and would like a tour or more information, we encourage you to contact us.


Volunteers make the Crucible connections happen and we're on a mission to help everyone that comes to Crucible to experience a connection. That connection can be with God, others, confirmation or encouragement. Very simply put Volunteers make this happen. During Crucible we need people to be cared for on a number of levels so they are free to experience connection, Volunteers provide this care.

This care may seem like simple acts, but welcoming people, pouring coffee, helping a child, answering a question, adjusting sound, ensuring people know the words to sing, helping those that didn't make it to Crucible see the teaching online, leading a song, saying a prayer can translate to comfort and love for those attending on a Sunday morning. They need this care to be encouraged and refreshed to serve God in the upcoming week. Volunteers make this happen.


We love kids and Jesus, and we pray for the opportunity to help them meet him in deep ways. We also know Crucible to be a seminal moment for parents as they grow as missionaries and kids church gives them space to hear from the Lord and respond. Kids church is entirely volunteer run and we are working diligently to improve what we offer our families.