Welcome to the 2017 summer institute


The Underground Institute is an eight-week training platform designed to give missionaries seminary level education within a missional framework. Throughout the entire catalogue we offer a variety of classes that all represent the manifesto in some way, and each summer semester is a sampling of this class list. These classes are organized to inspire, inform, equip and empower missionaries, both locally and globally, to better do ministry in their current context. The Institute runs like a typical college class might, incorporating homework, quizzes, tests, papers, assignments, and projects.

This summer's classes will run from June 6th - July 28th. We are offering a 'Pay-What-You-Want' option, so if your budget doesn't allow for a large expense this summer, you're welcome to pay what you're able to. Scroll down to have a look at the five classes we're offering this summer, and go to the bottom of the page to register for those which you're interested in.



Dan Chappel • Wednesdays @ 6:30

This course will pursue a Biblical theology of justice as the heartbeat of mission to our communities and context. The concept of justice will be pursued historically from God’s creation to Christ’s church. Significant attention will be spent on application of our calling, specifically our call to justice at the margins of our culture and through kingdom oriented community development.

Syllabus • 15 student minimum



Darryl Williamson • Thursdays @ 6:30


This class will develop a theology of partnership between God and humanity. Beginning with the creation narratives and working through the law, the gospel, and the kingdom, the course will establish a redemptive-historical profile explaining why partnership with God is the basic reference for understanding the responsibility of God's people in the world.

Syllabus • 20 student minimum



Brian Sanders • Wednesdays @ 6:30

Parenting is hard. Hard to do and even harder to define. As our children grow and develop they need us to change and grow with them. Trying to navigate those changes can be a thrilling, confusing and at times discouraging process. We are all groping for models. Yet, we work from flawed examples and frivolous advisors. There are plenty of voices telling us what to do, but few helping us understand how God is at work through and over it all. Jesus’ primary revelation of God is as Father. This means we can look to the work of theology itself for a trustworthy parenting framework. God as parent becomes the basis for this class and its surrounding discussions. We will explore the intersection between theology, contemporary research science, and our practical struggle to be the parents our children need.

Syllabus • 40 students minimum to run



Lucas Pulley, Stacy Gaskins, & Jon Dengler • Tuesdays @ 6:30


Close to 1500 people leave ministry every month due to burnout, conflict, or moral failure.  That number skyrockets for ministry contexts involving consistent sacrifice, emotional strain, and trauma.  So how can we, as missionaries and leaders, pursue a whole life of sustained sacrifice?  The lifelong, continuous emergence of the Kingdom in the life of a person comes through the mysterious intersection of God’s grace and steady human effort.  Transformation is never solely the work of human will and discipline, but the grace of God will not overthrow our lack of attention to our own lives. Life under the reign of Jesus, empowered by the Spirit, is fundamentally decisive and disciplined, and history shows both the constant exploration and blessing of a governing rule of life.  Come spend the summer with us learning about and creating your own rule of life.

Syllabus • 20 student minimum



Anthony Rajski & Brian Sanders • Tuesdays @ 6:30


The life and calling of a Christian builds on the vast legacy of believers who have gone before and blazed a trail through the faith. There are scores of believers who have set an example and whose lives have been a testimony to the power of God and the hope for our world. It is imperative that we know the stories of these women and men, take up the legacy they've given us, and remain faithful to their faithfulness, and correct their error. This class will be a history of Christianity through the lens of mission and Christian action. Each student should have a basic grasp on Christian history and the place of activism and mission within it. By looking back we will also be able to rediscover new possibilities for ministry and action in our time and context.

Syllabus • 30 student minimum


Registration is open and will close on May 31st. Be prepared to select your class(es) as well as make a contribution toward the class. We offer the ability to make your payment through the registration process, or your welcome to bring cash/check to the first class. Please register once per person.