Back in Spring of 2012, Eckerd was a school known for excessive partying, a land of lost potential and relativism. The same thing is true for today’s outlook on the campus, but this time something is different. Through deep prayer and commitment, God is beginning to shift things. Over the last year God has been at work, preparing students, providing partners, and ultimately reshaping campus culture.

This year we came to campus and God was already moving. We met three students with a passion to reach Eckerd athletes and women in the dorms with the good news of the gospel. Kelsey was one of those three.

Two of them being Kelsey and AJ, senior athletes on campus who have continued to pursue the athlete community with the love of Jesus. The other, Claire, a Resident Assistant at Eckerd, has felt the burden on her heart to care for the freshman women in her dorms. In doing so, she was obedient to God’s call to start a woman’s bible study. 

Through our missional core bible study, we have seen ten Christian students take risks for Jesus through outreach events on campus They have engaged in spiritual conversation, prayed for students, and have invited others to read about Jesus. 

Through this re-planting on the Eckerd campus, our vision is to see the corners of campus reached and for students to come to know the love of Jesus by living out the call to follow him. God has been faithfully moving us in this direction, and we are excited to see where he’ll take us next. 

“InterVarsity has given me an ‘at home-like’ community where I can share my relationship with God with other people on campus that I never could before.”

Contact Information: Cassie Rodriguez