We are not your typical college group; we’re a community of students from different walks of life, most of us hungry for Jesus and hungry for friendship, unable to find either in other places. We have found our identity in Jesus and have sought to be a place of refuge for students that no one else understands or wants. There is always room at our table for whoever we encounter. 
We recognize that brokenness plagues our campuses (suicide, cutting, depression, substance abuse, sexual brokenness, materialism, academic idolatry and isolation, to name a few), and we want to be a community that leads students away from the polluted potholes they’re drinking from and shows them the living water that Jesus offers us all.

We are not the smartest people on campus, the most capable, the most experienced, or the sexiest, but we are the most faithful and the most passionate about reaching our campus. We are in love with Jesus and seek to empower students to follow the call of God on their lives to love the campus. We want to give every student at SPC the opportunity to respond to Jesus. Whether is it is starting something new or joining an existing student-led ministry, we are building a network of missional small groups on campus that go to every campus and every corner of campus. We are currently reaching four  campuses (Tarpon Springs, Clearwater, Seminole, and Gibbs) and have dreams to create, grow, and multiply a family of ministries on every SPC campus. If you want to join a community on mission who knows you and who loves taking risks for Jesus on campus, send us an email, text, or call us. We would love to meet you.

Contact Information: Brad Everett

Visit ivspc.com for more details.