Our vision is to join God's movement in seeing every corner of campus know the extravagant love and grace of Jesus. We believe God is on the move on our campus, drawing people to Himself every day. We are a community seeking God's voice and His eyes for our campus, each of us sent to a corner of campus to represent and proclaim the love of Jesus.

In the middle of November we held our first ever "Vision Day" at USF St. Pete. Young potential leaders were able to come together to be envisioned for how God can — and will — use them to reach students of all nations in the semesters to come, including a time for students to ask and listen to God on what corner of campus He is calling them to. Seven students felt called to reach new corners of campus: Education students, the gym, an unreached dorm, and "alternative" (goth) students. The same week, we celebrated the first ever outreach for South Asian students. God is at work in every corner of campus, and we're grateful to be a part of it.

Our chapter is currently preparing to say goodbye to four graduating seniors. These student's actions and willingness to serve Jesus have led to great change on campus, as they lived and loved as missionaries on campus. 

However, their impact goes beyond the campus — these four students were among the core group to plant the Homework Club, a mentoring and tutoring program in our inner-city neighborhood. We have no idea where God will take us in the semesters to come, but what we do know is that the Lord has been faithful in the small and great things. Student's lives have been transformed before our very eyes, and we trust that this is only the beginning.

Contact Information: Cassie Rodriguez