The Lighthouse embarked on a new direction last year. Out of obedience following the Holy Spirit's prompting, we began a weekly home church gathering to serve the institutionalized "homeless". God has led us into a relationship with folks housed in assisted living facilities in St. Petersburg. These people have a place to live but, given their situation, are homeless in the larger sense. Even though they have a roof over their heads they are all too often without family, the ability to come and go freely, and struggle with issues of poverty, isolation, and physical and mental health. Many of these individuals love Jesus but have no place to worship or grow in relationship with him. They live lives that are cut off from God and fellowship with His body of believers. The Lighthouse seeks to come alongside them and offer a place to feel safe, loved, and encounter the fullness of Christ as they connect with his family. We desire to be their family and love them as he does.

“They are my family and I love them so much, each and every one of them! I thank Jesus for Lighthouse everyday!” — Pam

Contact: Andrea Sanders