Have a heart for the poor? Want to serve Jesus through artistic ability? Looking for a house church to join?

Here you'll find several different categories of our microchurches to search through. Some overlap and qualify as more than one type, and that's great. We want our house churches to be missional. We want artists to help the poor. That's the mission of Jesus. These categories are only meant to give you a point of reference in searching for where you fit.

To see an alphabetical list of all microchurches by name, click here.

Worshiping with a large group of people can be great, but people want and need to be known. Life is best lived in the company of friends. Jesus himself created a small community with whom he pursued his mission. Home churches are a great place to start a journey to a more simple and honest version of church as we know it.

Our mission-based microchurches target a number of different people groups. We have ministries focused on the poor, the homeless, recovering men and women, single mothers, and many more. Find your passion here.

Are you a creator? Painters, sculptors, musicians, creative writers, dancers, actors, and more are welcomed here to use their gifts and talents for the Kingdom of God! Find out where you can serve and grow here. 

Today's university shapes tomorrow's leaders. We support a number of different campus ministries, including several InterVarsity chapters in the Tampa area. Come see what God is doing on our college campuses.


These are all microchurches within our Tampa Underground movement. To learn more about the Underground Network as a whole and see our global movements, click here or visit undergroundnetwork.org: