We believe in small church.

This means that we emphasize people, not buildings, budgets, or even leaders. When believers work together in sincere worship and genuine community to accomplish a part of the mission of God, they are the church.

Visit one of our house churches. Worshiping with a large group of people can be great, but people want and need to be known. Life is best lived in the company of friends. Jesus himself created a small community with whom he pursued his mission. Home churches are a great place to start a journey to a more simple and honest version of church as we know it.

In addition to microchurches, the Underground Network is now in the early stage of planting additional movements across the globe.

Want to become a part of one? Browse home-based churches,  mission-based churches, and campus-based churches. Or use the contact form to ask us any questions you may have.

  • A community for what's growing in St. Pete.

  • A safe environment for single mothers.

  • Providing a place of belonging on Central Ave.

  • A men’s group to share life’s details and struggles.

  • Dedicated to giving and receiving the love we need.

  • A community on and off campus.

  • A spiritual sanctuary for every kind of person.

  • Helping take next steps in relationship with Jesus.

  • A community for spiritual orphans.

  • Different folks figuring out what it means.

  • Building new friendships in St. Pete.

  • Serving those in assisted living.

  • Serving those in assisted living.

  • A community for middle school kids.

  • A safe place for people to experience community.

  • Uncovering the mind-blowing truth of Jesus.

  • A place for Plant City to meet over God's word.

  • Reaching out in Brandon with God's love.

  • Dedicated to our community, and the poor in Tampa.

  • Haitian women sharing life in all of it's struggles.

  • Gathering in Tarpon Springs to share our journeys.

  • A place of rest for young women in ministry.

  • A place of waiting inspired by 16:6.

  • A place to develop a love for God and each other.

  • A space to remember the home that is coming.

  • Sharing the love of God with high school students.

  • Getting the body healthy and equipped.

  • Battling addiction through truth and love.

  • Reclaiming dance and expression through movement.

  • Reaching out in rural Central America.

  • A safe place for abused women to heal.

  • Developing youth, locally and globally.

  • Reaching those who wouldn't step foot in a church.

  • Inspiring people to tap into their creativity.

  • Restoring vulnerable women involved in the sex industry.

  • Spreading Created's vision in the city of Gainseville.

  • Reaching latinas in middle and high school.

  • Committed to teens in crisis.

  • Reaching out to the deaf in Tampa Bay.

  • Restoring the earth in relationship with God.

  • Helping free sisters by equipping them.

  • Sharing with the power of testimony.

  • Connecting those in the foster care system.

  • Helping women reclaim hope and human spirit.

  • Helping woman realize the beauty of childbirth.

  • Working with teens to empower them in Jesus.

  • Spreading joy to the world one hoop at a time.

  • Empowering women and the deaf in Honduras.

  • Mentoring and empowering black girls in ethnic identity

  • Empowering black girls in Brandon.

  • Empowering black girls near USF.

  • Empowering black girls in Ybor.

  • Empowering black girls in middle schools.

  • Walking alongside our young black sisters.

  • Focusing the world on our Groom.

  • Helping young men turn to Jesus.

  • Connecting the relationally challenged to Jesus.

  • Using the healing power of a farm.

  • Making followers of Christ in the responder culture

  • Building awareness in the church for the disabled.

  • Support for the deeply grieving.

  • A vessel for the Father's love to be poured out.

  • Providing counseling to the homeless community.

  • Restoring broken men suffering addiction.

  • Restoring broken men suffering addiction.

  • A once a month event to reach the lost.

  • A safe place for abused women to heal.

  • Intercessors, purposed in prayer.

  • Spending time with neighbors in need.

  • Artists serving St. Pete's creative culture.

  • Reaching out to the broken, needy, and rejected.

  • Meeting students where they're at.