What is the Underground? 

The Underground is a new kind of church made up of not just individuals, but communities. In fact, the Underground is a fellowship of microchurches - groups that reach out to their neighbors (home churches), seek to reach certain populations (missional churches), serve to see the Kingdom come on university campuses (university churches), and finally those that labor globally to share the Gospel (global movements). There are currently over 85 microchurches that form our makeup. We believe firmly that people make up the church, not buildings or budgets, or even leaders. When believers work together in sincere worship and genuine community to accomplish a part of the mission of God, they are the church. We believe the larger church expression exists to serve the smaller, and not the other way around.

Who We Are


The ESSENTIALS Talks is a compilation of eight messages that best communicate the heart of our movement. If you're interested in knowing what we're about in these areas, please listen to these talks: