Jesus Calms the Storm in the Midst of Tragedy

Keisha Polonio and Melyssa Cordero talk about the recent tragedies around the nation, how it feels to be a minority in the midst of this all, and how to turn to - and hear from - Jesus.

A Failure of Nerve

Brian recently started a new course on leadership for our local movement and presented to them some of the larger ideas from a book, “Failure of Nerve” by Edwin Friedman.

We invited him to stop by our media office to discuss this book and describe why these ideas are so potent for leaders today. Hear his thoughts on these provocative leadership concepts now. 

Moving to Haiti

"God has never stopped caring about Haiti. He cries and rejoices over our beloved nation. What’s on my heart is that if God hasn’t forgotten about Haiti, then we can’t."

With only days to go before she leaves, we invited Deb on to the show to discuss her heart and vision for Haiti as she prepares to begin the next phase of Ayiti Underground.

The Underground Coaching Bar

This week we're joined by the Underground's Director of Coaching, Stacy Gaskins, who shares with us how microchurch leaders can benefit from her department this semester.


“Romans feels like really taking the best gift, in a sea of gifts, and examining it.” 

Brian and Drew discuss our upcoming series through the book of Romans, starting this week at Crucible. Part of this podcast is available in video format on our website.

Director's Training in the Philippines

"What does it mean to organize a movement in the Philippines without control, to gather people around values instead of programs?"


Jeremy discusses his recent trip to the Philippines for our first director's training in the region.

10 Years At Mama Africana

"There were times I've had sleepless nights, times I've wanted to give up, but I had a team behind me telling me to continue to press in."

With her ministry celebrating 10 years, we invited Evelyn on to talk about what that experience is like, and what she's learned along the way.

Ministry in Cayman

"In some ways, I've never felt more a part of the Underground, being away from it."

We invite Tomy on, who spoke at Crucible this past Sunday on the whole world, to learn about the work he's doing in the Cayman islands, and to remember what it is exactly that defines the heartbeat of the Underground.

Sabbatical & Rest

Brian shares about a missionary's need for a rhythm of rest.

Our Summer Institute

"I think when we approach the institute we approach it individually, but what if we changed that approach and instead came together as microchurches, looking together and seeing which would benefit our communities best."

Anthony, our director of training, shares about what's coming up at this summer's institute, and why it's such a great resource for our microchurches.

Interested in registering? This year we're offering all the classes with a pay-what-you-want system. Sign up now.

Easter at Mosaik

"I'm really just a bystander, watching this man learn directly from Jesus and then emulate him."

Jason, the director of our movement in Hamburg, shares about his experiences sharing Jesus with a new Syrian friend, and his amazing story of coming to know him on Easter.

Cultural Immodesty

“When an act is done immodestly, it becomes unrighteous. It becomes sin. We think we’re just telling our story, but how will we know whether we do the thing for God or for ourselves?"

Brian and Drew discuss what it means to be modest in our culture today. 

The One

"You have a more powerful, more potent missional position than you realize."

Brian talks about his thoughts on the gift it is to share the Gospel with non-Christians, and how it relates to the parables of Luke 15.

Mobile & The Gamers Group

Jeremy shares his story about building new relationships in a new space – a board gamers group.

Imagination & Mission

What if we gave people permission to find a place where no one else is being reached, or touched, or loved? Brian touches on these ideas and explains the concept of a "Blue Ocean" in ministry in this excerpt from his workshop at Core Conference.

'United' - Core Conference

Drew talks with Brian about the theme of the upcoming Core Conference, 'United', and what makes unity such a powerful topic for our network. 

"People who are united are stronger. They're more formidable."

Gravitas - Part 2

Brian and Drew continue discussing the subject of gravitas. How do you become someone that others are attracted to, not in some charismatic sense but in some deeper authority?

"Leadership through gravitas is going to endure, because it's like a critique of the superficiality of this world - and superficiality is the opposite of gravitas."

Gravitas - Part 1

The first podcast in a new series discussing topics both pertinent and inspiratory for microchurch leaders. Brian and Drew discuss the concept of gravitas. How do you become someone that others are attracted to, not in some charismatic sense but in some deeper authority?