Elders In Training is a year-long training platform for a cohort of apostolic leaders, helping them build a biblical model for their microchurch as they seek to embody worship, community and mission. This course is intended for those who have been faithfully leading a ministry, church, or outreach for over a year, and wants to see their organization adopt a stronger identity in the work God has called them to.


Sample video

This course utilizes videos as a teaching platform to deliver lectures. When participating in this course, you will be watching videos like the one below to receive information that will further your understanding of the course topics.

Intro Videos

Each class playlist begins with an intro video by Brian Sanders to setup the class.

Lecture Videos

The rest of the playlist is made up of lecture videos from Jeremy Stephens.



sample handouts

For each lesson, you will receive a handout to walk you through the section's information and take notes on. You will also receive a quiz at the end of each lesson, which will serve as a tool to test and assist your memory of the course material.


The Book

If you would prefer to have a physical copy of the material on-hand for a more convenient and traditional learning experience, we also offer a workbook that contains everything you'll need to complete the course. You can mail-order a copy for yourself or your cohort, if you desire.



The course is a mixture of practice, governmental, and theological principles that constitute the core competencies of an elder. 

  • Ecclesiology Essentials and the Pursuit of Church (a look at church history, the ecclesial minimum and the primitive theology of the Underground)
  • Underground Values (what elders need to care about)
  • Leadership, Servanthood, and Authority in the Church (understanding our place as leaders in and under Jesus and the dynamic of power)
  • Underground Emphasis (a church for the poor)
  • Theological Reflection and Serving the Word (developing a rhythm of rest, reflection, and dependence on God so you can live your calling)
  • Discipline & Conflict (when and how to discipline)
  • Apologetics (being prepared to give an answer for the hope we have)
  • Mission and Multiplication as Culture (micro church planting as obedience to the great commission)
  • Community Dynamics (conflict, dissent, differences, and the hope for intimacy)
  • Evangelism and the Microchurch (reaching out and making disciples from the context of the micro church)
  • Underground Polity (the leadership structure and governing procedures of the Underground Church)


If you're going through this material as an individual, you'll be asked to by $35 for the entire course.

If you're leading a group through the course, you'll be allowed to Pay-What-You-Want with a minimum of $50. If you're planning to walk 10 people through the course, you'll be getting a $350 value. Please consider what the course is worth to you, as well as what you're community is able to afford, and make an prayerful payment for the course.



You can register for our online course here. We encourage you to take this course with other potential elders in your community, and to discuss the material together as you walk through it.