I've heard it said often by those who come for the first time that we don't even realize how lucky we are to have such a raw and honest community. It's humbling, and reminds me that what we have is special. We are a group of young women who desire to create a place of rest for young leaders where transparency and vulnerability are the only things required, a place of community and of healing. We are weekly reminded that in spite of our inadequacy, God loves us and has chosen us to serve and live lives that honor him. Our name is a call to pause, to wonder, to worship, and to allow the Holy Spirit to do something profound. When you need to cry and let it all out, we cry with you. When you want to celebrate, we celebrate with you. We've cultivated a family relationship where we see every woman as a sister to laugh with, walk alongside, and even fight for. We desire to extend our home to any woman looking for sisterhood. You are welcome with us.

“I knew the story of Jesus and His love for me, but it was still very far from my heart. Meeting and becoming part of Selah acted as a window into the heart of God who loves me deeply. Selah has been a sanctuary.” — Hilary