Underground Media can take care of all your organization's creative needs.



Let us help you craft a vision.

When it comes to creating a visual, creative presence it's hard to know where to start. If you choose to work with us, our team will send over initial questions and materials to get us pointed in the right direction. From there we can narrow our scope and focus in on what you need most.


Watch your vision become a reality.

Our team is poised to do more than simply craft a logo from afar – we want to provide you with a space to give us input into the creative process. At the end of it all, you'll walk away with a complete and comprehensive creative package.


Not just a hire, but a partnership.

When you work with us, we're able to donate additional creative work to small non-profit ministry initiatives in our city and all over the world. This isn’t just a service-for-hire, it’s a partnership that allows us to communicate your message while also helping others.


Branding That Fits You

It's hard to craft a graphic mark that not only fits you, but represents you and your work. Our team has experience creatively expressing who you are and what you do, in a way thats both timeless and unique to your organization.


Let Us Capture Your Story

Our cameras are ready to capture anything you need. Let us share the work that your team is doing with the world so you can see the benefits of having your story shared visually. See some of our work below.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 12.59.25 PM.png

Maintaining Your Website Doesn't Have To Be Hard

There are far too many websites online that have outdated information front-and-center. This is because most website backends are a pain to use and are far too confusing. We create websites that not only look beautiful, but are easy to update – so easy that you can do it yourself in minutes. Check out some of the sites we've created here:

 Mekenita Cantina

Mekenita Cantina

 Underground Network

Underground Network

 Underground Free Clinic

Underground Free Clinic

 Underground Coaching

Underground Coaching

 Held Childbirth Services

Held Childbirth Services

 Abba House

Abba House

We Turn Your Words Into a Work of Art

No matter where you are in the process of publishing, we can help bring your ideas and message to print. Even in the age of self-publishing and DIY platforms, it's helpful to have someone who's walked through the process of publishing a book before. With our experience and expertise, we can come alongside you to help make turn your story into a finished product, including cover design, book design, and making your product available on Amazon and Kindle. 




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