We Are Underground

Our video series highlighting the tremendous work that micro churches are doing in the Tampa Bay, and all around the world.

The Well is a microchurch of the Underground Network which spends time with neighbors in need, hearing the stories and struggles to remind them of God's love.

Hoola for Happiness began in 2011 when a passion for missions and an interesting hobby collided to create something that only God could make possible. After her first life-changing, heart-awakening trip to Haiti in January 2009, Hoola for Happiness founder, Carissa Caricato, started taking hoop dance classes.

The Initiative exists for men in Tampa whose lives have fallen apart, whether by addiction, homelessness, broken families or other challenges. The micro-church provides holistic support as we walk with our brothers towards healing through community, discipleship, and work therapy. They bear witness to the power of Christ to restore His own to a life of freedom.

Links of Hope desires to provide skills that help economically disadvantaged women and Deaf individuals earn a sustainable income with dignity and respect. Since 2008 they have trained and equipped over 100 artisans. Cottage industries helps artisans provide food, housing, healthcare and education for their families.

The Pink House is a collection of people who's prayer is to become a voice that can fight on behalf of their neighbors and friends who have become victims of the system, and to offer hope and restoration to our neighborhood. 

The Lake House is a Christian intentional community in the Ybor Heights neighborhood of Tampa. We are here to learn how to live our lives based on what we value and believe. These values, when taken seriously, lead us to make changes to where we live, how we consume food, energy and other resources, and with whom we spend our time.

Mama Africa is a not-for-profit Christian mentoring program based in the city of Tampa, hoping that in a city where role models are scarce - and hope for the African American youth is diminishing - they will stand out as one solution to that problem.

Created works to restore vulnerable women involved in the sex industry to an understanding of their value, beauty and destiny by offering them a name, a place, a voice, and a new life in Jesus Christ.