The Underground Network exists to mobilize, resource, and empower communities (microchurches) to proclaim and demonstrate the good news of the kingdom of God to our city and beyond. We offer several services to microchurches and leaders within our network. All microchurch leaders are able to take advantage of these services - feel free to learn about each that we offer.

There are eight service categories we offer to any microchurches and leaders within our network – facilities, media, training and development, coaching, financial services, financial support, startup services, and international planting and development. Read about some of the most commonly used services, and discover how we can serve you and your microchurch.


75% of church workers feel they are unqualified or poorly trained to lead and manage the church. 50% are so discouraged they have a desire to leave their ministry entirely.  It is a startling reality that there is a training deficit amongst church leaders in our current church age.  We offer a variety of resources to set up our missionaries as thriving leaders who facilitate healthy ministries.  

If you find yourself embarking on the journey of becoming a leader, have a desire to refine or be refreshed and your leadership, or are interested in revisiting the leadership a paradigm entirely, check out what we have to offer.


We think every believer has the spiritual DNA in them to grow a faith community which follows Jesus and plays its part in engaging every evil- but sometimes people are unsure where to begin or what next steps to take. The coaching department exists to provide fresh eyes and listening hearts for kingdom-minded leaders, helping them pursue what God has called them to in our city. What dream has God deposited in you? Whether you are just getting started or have been leading a microchurch for a while and feel like you could benefit from some fresh input, we would love to walk alongside you.


The finance department at Underground Network exists to equip and release people for ministry by providing excellent financial and administrative services. We are able to keep donor records, track expenses, reconcile bank accounts, process payroll and prepare reports for you and your board of directors. Essentially, we take many of the administrative tasks off your plate to free you up for the ministry you are called to do. The administrative needs of a nonprofit are complex and we know you are likely functioning with limited resources. We have a model that specializes in nonprofit work and streamlines processes to maximize efficiency while minimizing cost. 


The HUB is to be used by and for the community. It is a free space for people to gather, office, and host events. We come together to use this space as a reflection of the Kingdom of God. It’s our community center where we can engage each other and the world, together.

Does your ministry need a place to office? We have a space with your name on it. We would love your unique presence to contribute to our work environment. 

Planning an event? We can host prayer, trainings, planning meetings, banquets, movie showings, worship, conferences, and so much more.  We even have staff available to help plan, coordinate, and execute your events with you.

To learn more, email Leann at


Media plays a huge rolein any ministry, and projects (such as designing business cards or holiday newsletters) can be a strenuous task. Our department attempts to meet the needs of a variety of different ministry leaders, all working for different causes and caring for (and discipling)  wildly different communities. We aim to serve them all, allowing them to spend time on real ministry.

The department exists to serve microchurches by offering services such as logo design, web development, videos, and more – and also works with the training department to create high-quality and easy to understand videos and documents to serve our missional movements. If you are a ministry interested in learning how you can utilize media or social networking, feel free to contact us.


medical care for those with greatest need

Traditional church consulting

As our relationship with traditional churches outside of the network grows, so does our desire to serve them - and to see them thrive.  Our friendship with traditional churches is precious to us and - while our primary mission is to empower smaller innovative versions of the church - we are eager to find ways to love our conventional counterparts.